Rincon Welcomes Director of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Norm Ponferrada

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Norm Ponferrada

Director, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

“We are thrilled to have a professional of Norm’s caliber and character join our team. I’m excited to collaborate with him in further developing our fisheries program, which will benefit Rincon’s important clients across multiple sectors, and our Water practice in particular. Welcome Norm!”

— Steve Hongola, Vice President

Norm Ponferrada joins Rincon with 17 years of experience with California’s fish species and aquatic habitats. He will be leading the development of Rincon’s fisheries and aquatic sciences program, with a focus on the Water and Utilities sectors and northern California region, in coordination with other Rincon leaders. Norm brings a wealth of expertise to the Rincon team in the federal and California Endangered Species Acts, federal Clean Water Act, California Fish and Game Code, Water Rights, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hydro relicensing and compliance, public safety and outreach, and the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

Throughout his career, Norm has overseen large teams and built technical programs by focusing on the professional growth of his team members. We are excited to have Norm continue this practice at Rincon, where he will align well with the value we place on professional development as a people-focused organization.

“I am very excited to join and help Rincon win exciting fisheries and aquatics projects. This is exciting to me because this position gives me an opportunity to contribute to the success of our future fisheries scientists!”

— Norm Ponferrada

Welcome, Norm!