Rincon Celebrates Director-Level Promotions

We are thrilled to formally announce the promotion of our team members to Director level! Their remarkable accomplishments throughout their journey with Rincon make us immensely proud. We eagerly look forward to witnessing their continued excellence in their new roles. 

Please join us in congratulating our new Directors:   

  • Jennifer Guenther, Esq. 
  • Jon Montgomery 
  • Lindsey Sarquilla, MESM 
  • Lilly Rudolph, MPA, AICP 
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Jennifer M. Guenther, Esq.

Director, General Counsel

“Over the past two and a half years, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Jennifer’s commitment to raising skills and awareness regarding legal risk management for the entire Rincon team. As Rincon’s general counsel, Jennifer has been an essential resource for addressing complex legal matters, and she does it with a friendly, open, and helpful demeanor.”

Richard Daulton, Executive Vice President

We are thrilled to announce Jennifer’s promotion to Director/General Counsel. In this role, she will continue to lead our Legal department and provide comprehensive and sustainable legal services that support and promote Rincon. Jennifer provides an essential risk management function and has improved performance in several areas of the organization. We look forward to seeing where Jennifer will take us next.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to work with the high-level of professionals at Rincon in such a collaborative and supportive environment. The work is always interesting, and the people are great. I am truly grateful to be a part of the team and look forward to many years ahead.”

— Jennifer Guenther

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Jon Montgomery

Director, Data & Technology Services

“Jon has always been a pleasure to work with and continuously offers key insights and solutions to both internal staff and external Clients. His collaborative spirit, mentorship, and digital entrepreneurship is responsible for the successes of those around him and has effectively evolved what was once a five-member operational support team into an 18-person strong service line in and of itself. I’m very excited to see him achieve this significant career milestone.”

— Craig Huff, Vice President / Chief Information & Security Officer

Jon first joined Rincon eight years ago as a GIS Analyst. Today we are happy to announce that his hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit have contributed to his promotion to the role of Director of Data & Technology Services! Under Jon’s entrepreneurial and trusted leadership, our GIS team has expanded its service offerings from primarily map generation to now providing a wide variety of geospatial, data, and technology-orientated services such as Digital Field Data Collection, Drone Services, Web Design, Custom Tool Development, and Data Science, in addition to traditional GIS services. In his new role, Jon will lead the company’s Innovation and Technology strategic team. Congratulations! Well deserved!

“I’ve been amazed at what the company and our GIS team have accomplished over the past eight years. I’m excited to continue working with teams across the firm to tackle new challenges and offer new solutions leveraging our technology suite and helping others make data driven decisions.”

— Jon Montgomery

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Lindsey Sarquilla, MESM

Director, Environmental Planning

“Lindsey is managing some of Rincon’s most important and challenging clients, effectively managing client expectations to align Rincon for future wins, supporting and mentoring staff and their professional development, and significantly contributing to the management and operations of Rincon’s team. I’m excited to see Lindsey bring her energy and enthusiasm to leadership and the energy and utilities team in this new role as Director.”

— Brenda Eells, MP, Principal

Lindsey’s journey with Rincon began eight years ago. Over this time, we have enthusiastically watched her excel in everything she has set her mind to. In her new role as Director of Environmental Planning, with a focus on Energy and Utility markets, she will continue to lead our renewable energy and utilities team with business development, client management, QA/QC, and program management We look forward to her continued support and mentorship of staff. Cheers!

“We have a saying that ‘Rincon is a platform for your professional development’ and it has always really inspired me to learn and grow with Rincon. I value the incredible mentorship and coaching that I’ve received at Rincon that has supported me through challenging deliverables, projects, and client needs. I hope to continue to foster that mentorship culture at Rincon with my team and through the projects and programs I work in.”

— Lindsey Sarquilla

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Lilly Rudolph, MPA, AICP

Director, Community Planning

“Lilly’s presence positively impacts our team and has contributed to the overall success of Rincon. Staff routinely look to her for guidance, and she treats every employee, regardless of position, fairly, fostering a more inclusive and enjoyable place to work. She is an inspiring example of unwavering commitment to Rincon’s values; one for us all to follow.”

— Brenna Weatherby, Principal

With 21 years of experience, including eight years at Rincon, in her role as Director of Community Planning, she joins the ranks of Rincon’s Community Planning leadership team, assisting in decision-making for operations, business development, and team building. Lilly’s promotion is well-deserved as her dedication to the team is evident as she continues to provide mentorship and support to her colleagues. Well done, Lilly! We are excited to see your growth.

“Rincon is the place to be if you are seeking a fulfilling work environment where you are constantly learning, challenging yourself beyond your presumed limits, and being surrounded by incredibly supportive, fun, and smart colleagues. My experience at Rincon has been so rewarding, and I’m so excited and grateful for the opportunity to continue to grow my career here.”

— Lilly Rudolph

Congratulations, all!