Rincon’s Groundwater Sustainability Planning and Implementation Services

Navigating California's Water Challenges and Shaping a Resilient Future through Sustainable Groundwater Management

Groundwater management in California has reached a critical stage and is facing significant challenges due to a variety of factors including intense drought cycles, weather whiplash and flooding due to atmospheric rivers, climate-driven water resources vulnerabilities, and competing priorities amongst beneficial users of water including regulators, water suppliers, municipal, industrial, and agricultural users; tribes, and environmental interests.

Long before the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) of 2014 accelerated the regulatory landscape, Rincon was actively partnering with agencies, non-profits, and municipalities concerned with the complexities of managing a sustainable groundwater supply, such as remediating contaminated groundwater sites, securing permits from resource agencies for water infrastructure, and developing mitigation and monitoring programs for natural, cultural, and environmental resources.

With the implementation of SGMA, Rincon understands the importance of regulatory compliance and coordination with the Department of Water Resources (DWR), State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), and individual Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) within subbasins and can provide support to address the changing water landscape.

Our scientists, engineers, hydrogeologists, and environmental planners are working throughout California watersheds from headwaters to coastal and inland waters, and throughout groundwater basins to develop balanced approaches to improving conditions for the beneficial uses and users of groundwater. Partnering with our clients, Rincon advances solutions to natural resources, climate conditions, and environmental impacts through a collaborative process to facilitate successful projects from a holistic One-Water perspective.

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The evaluation of ISW depletion and GDEs following SGMA and Agency-approved protocols requires a systems-level approach that balances multiple disciplines to create meaningful science-based strategies, align visions with various interested parties, and achieve cost-effective regulatory outcomes.
Rincon’s multi- and inter-disciplinary team emphasizes the collaboration between biologists, botanists, fisheries scientists, hydrogeologists, and watershed scientists to assess interconnected surface water and GDE performance while factoring the multitude of watershed drivers that influence these aquatic and riparian habitat areas.
Specialized permits and training is required for the implementation of aquatic and riparian habitat monitoring programs, especially in watersheds with federally- and state-listed species under the Endangered Species Act. Rincon ensures your assessment program team has the right scientists and regulatory experts, no matter the issue.
Rincon’s groundwater experience includes site-specific and basin-wide investigations, assessment, and monitoring services, ranging in geographic and geologic conditions, to deliver scientifically sound approaches to help groundwater and water resources managers, as well as other community groups protect environmental and public health.