Rincon Awarded New 2024 Organizational Membership with the American Academy of Underwater Sciences!

Rincon’s Marine Resources Program team is thrilled to announce that we are now an Organizational Member (OM) of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). AAUS is a non-profit, self-regulating body and a world-leading organization dedicated to establishing and maintaining standards of practice for SCUBA and free divers with a mission of advancing and facilitating safe and productive scientific diving. This milestone marks a significant achievement for Rincon and the Marine Resources Program, reflecting our commitment to professionalism, safety, and maintaining the highest standards in environmental consulting. 

With the recent addition of our Maritime Archaeology services, our Marine Resources Team is now even stronger and collectively covers many fascinating skills and services in the marine environment. We operate our own vessel for diving, water quality, and protected species observer tasks, among others, and our staff have skills in beach, intertidal, and subtidal surveys for biological and archaeological resources. We are a growing force in marine consulting services, and we’re looking forward to the future.    

The Journey to OM

The OM application process involved preparing materials relating to our firm’s profile and capabilities and providing justification for why we qualify as an AAUS OM. Having met all the application requirements, we can clearly demonstrate how Rincon meets OSHA’s scientific diving exemption (exempt from commercial diving standards), allowing us to operate our diving program more cost-effectively and efficiently and establishing our high safety standards consistent with AAUS.

Joining AAUS signifies our dedication to advancing scientific diving practices, promoting safety, and contributing to the broader community of underwater scientists and professionals. As an OM:

  • we gain access to government contracts with agencies like NOAA, CDFW, and USACE
  • we enhance our visibility to private clients by demonstrating our capabilities with marine operations and values with a focus on safety
  • we gain networking opportunities with other consulting firms and academic institutions
  • we gain access to collaborative platforms that will cultivate our exposure to marine science and advance our marine consulting opportunities

Recently, before Rincon joined AAUS, we had the opportunity to dive from a NOAA vessel for an abalone research project, requiring an AAUS membership. Now that Rincon is an OM, we can provide that “verification of training” in-house. This is an exciting development for Rincon’s Marine Team, and we anticipate it leading to many more great opportunities for our staff to get involved in the exciting work happening on the West Coast.

Contact Us!

For more information about the Marine Resources Program and how we can support your next project, reach out to us at info@rinconconsultants.com 

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