Air Quality Compliance

Our team of air quality technical professionals have prepared well-rounded documents, permit applications, monitoring reports and technical studies for both public and private sector clients with air quality requirements. Our technical team is knowledgeable in local, state, and federal rules and regulations behind the traditional air quality permits (local and Title V) and the emerging greenhouse gas reporting at the state and local level.  The technical tools of stationary source emission quantification, risk assessments, air quality impact analysis, and cost effectiveness studies, coupled with our knowledge of multiple air district rules and compliance policies, allow Rincon to serve customers with specific air quality permit needs and program.

  • Air Permitting with BACT analysis/new source review
  • Air Toxics Plans/Reports for AB617 and Hot spots
  • Dispersion Modeling /Health Risk Assessments
  • Offroad and Portable Equipment compliance
  • Regulatory Analysis and Variances
  • Criteria Air Emissions Reports
  • Air Quality Monitoring/Indoor Air