Our Annual Meetings

Rincon’s annual meetings are unique in the AEC, and part of our professional platform.  They’re our cultural investment to ensure that we have the most knowledgeable and effective team of professionals in our industry.  These day-long meetings serve to empower staff to advance their skills, increase their industry awareness, and develop their professional influence.  Not surprisingly, our employees describe our annual meetings as a significantly inspirational event that allows them to enhance relationships with co-workers from other offices, reinforce our companywide vision, and exercise our philosophy of being a fully-connected professional team.

2019 Rincon annual meeting logo including theme "People Empowered"


Held on October 20th, this year’s theme was “Rooted in Resilience: For Our Clients, Our Communities, and Our Future” and served to encapsulate Rincon’s unwavering commitment to excellence and our determination to overcome challenges, both individually and as a firm. By cultivating resilience, we can continue to be heroes for our clients and leaders for a more prosperous future. 


In addition to two “all-hands” knowledge sharing sessions, team members attended service line and department staff-led break-out sessions. This session strengthened each groups relationships by being able to connect in person and brainstorm on important topics to each group. 


While knowledge sharing is a primary strategy, creating ample networking and relationship-developing time is also critical.  Volunteer opportunities as well as regional in-person and virtual happy hours provided plenty of opportunities to connect with co-workers.

All of the presentations touched to a certain degree on vulnerability, asking for help, and staying disciplined, which not only foster relationships but make for a good work ethic.

2023 Attendee

In my opinion, the most valuable thing was the opening session where some of the senior level members of Rincon spoke about their career experience.

2023 Attendee

The Annual Meeting is the one time of year all the service lines come together, and it’s awesome to actually meet the rest of my team and work community.

2023 Attendee