Accelerating Climate Action Plan Implementation

Climate Action Plan Issues and Solutions
Laptop showing the CAPDash dashboard including graphs and data sets.

We’ve invested in developing CAPDash, a customizable, web-based dashboard that helps our clients accomplish:

  • CAP measure tracking
  • Transparent data visualization
  • Communication with stakeholders

CAPDash allows cities to meet CEQA and air district regulations with significant cost efficiencies, while leveraging visualizations and infographics that can be added to report progress with GHG emission reduction.

“We are thrilled at the creation of a Climate Action Plan tool (CAPDash) that now helps us track actual emissions reductions associated with implementation measures over time.”

Robyn Eason

Senior Sustainability Planner, City of West Hollywood

“Rincon’s overall approach to climate action planning has been very responsive and effective at dealing with the ever-evolving
nature of climate change legislation and policy; providing creative solutions that are successful in helping us reach our GHG reduction goals.”

Anita Cerna

Senior Planner, City of Pasadena

“Implementation of a CAP is critical in addressing the effects of climate change. Rincon’s work with the City has helped in reaching our reduction goals and in developing outreach strategies to communicate implementation objectives.”

John Conley

Director of Community Development, City of Vista

Does your CAP have similar needs?