Our environmental and planning professionals have worked on community and land development projects throughout California since 1994. With our multidisciplinary skills and a statewide reach, we develop and apply best practices to help our clients meet their project goals and enhance outcomes.

Land Development

Public Facilities

Rincon has prepared CEQA/NEPA analysis for a range of public works and infrastructure projects. Our work in transportation includes multi-modal stations, highway interchanges, roads and bridges, and trails. Facility planning includes bicycle and pedestrian master plans, and stormwater capture systems. We have worked with public work agencies in the development of correctional facilities, hospitals, and fire stations. To assist facility operators in compliance with AB 32, we prepare inventories of municipal greenhouse gas emissions and Climate Action Plans to reduce these emissions.


We provide consulting services throughout the housing development process, starting with due diligence phase, providing Phase I site assessments for hazardous materials to pre-construction surveys for biological/cultural resources, continuing with environmental review for CEQA/NEPA compliance, and ending with construction monitoring and permit acquisition. Rincon prepares environmental documentation for residential developments: mixed-use, single-family communities, affordable housing, apartments, and condominiums.


We understand the nuances of commercial developments and the level of environmental analysis they often require. Preconstruction surveys, CEQA compliance documentation, soil vapor extraction, construction monitoring, and permitting are some of the services we provide developers and municipalities to provide environmental best practices to commercial developments. Our biological resources team provides surveys for biological resources before construction, while our planning staff reviews commercial projects for CEQA compliance.


Rincon draws across our disciplines to address industrial development such as manufacturing facilities, asphalt plants, dry cleaners, former oil fields and processing facilities, and Superfund sites. Our technical experts provide clients with the specific expertise required for industrial-related projects. GHG Verification services, HARP analysis, noise studies, and remediation services are just some of the technical areas utilized by our clients in this sector.

Community Development

Rincon’s planning group engages with municipal planning and community development departments to develop policy documents and project entitlement materials.  Products include general plans and elements, specific plans, and special studies.  Increasingly, we deliver our services in-house as contract planning staff.  In addition to our core work in plans and CEQA/NEPA review, we have developed a strong portfolio in regional planning through Regional Transportation Plans and Sustainable Communities Strategies and Climate Action Plans.

Recreation and Open Space

Rincon is committed to making communities more livable and sustainable through promotion of access to open space systems and active transportation linkages to those systems.  In addition to preparing bicycle and pedestrian master plans for local governments, we have analyzed regional recreational trails for environmental impacts, attained biological permits for trail development, and developed prioritization studies used to identify lands optimal for open space for acquisition.