Groundwater Sustainability Planning and Implementation Services

Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems: Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Management

  • Interconnected Surface Water (ISW) and Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem (GDE) Analysis
  • Habitat Mapping and Characterization
  • Plant Community and Special Status Species Monitoring and Assessment
  • Restoration Planning, Implementation, and Monitoring 

Climate Action, Adaptation, and Resilience

  • Natural Working Lands and Agricultural Conservation  
  • Land Use Repurposing and Transition Programs  
  • Seawater Intrusion Monitoring and Resilience Projects  
  • Water Conservation and Efficiency Monitoring Programs 

Hydrogeology and Hydrology

  • Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) Development and Implementation
  • Stream Gage Design, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Groundwater Elevation, Water Quality, and Flow Monitoring
  • Conceptual Model Development
  • Groundwater Well Design and Installation
  • Numeric Model Parameterization, Calibration, and Review

Data Acquisition, Management, and GIS 

  • Remote Data Collection 
  • Esri Arc GIS Online Tools and Platforms 
  • Data Acquisition and Data Management System Automation 
  • Drone Aerial Data Collection and Orthoimagery 
  • Database Management, Geospatial Mapping, and Custom Technical Graphics 

    Environmental Planning and Compliance

    • Environmental Constraints, Opportunities and Alternatives Analyses 
    • State and Federal Regulatory Permitting  
    • CEQA/NEPA for groundwater replenishment and surface diversions 
    • Land Planning Nexus  
    • Mitigation Planning and Compliance 
    • Groundwater replenishment and reuse project (GRRP) permitting

    Interested Parties Engagement, Alignment, and Coordination

    • Interested Parties Outreach
    • Subbasin and regulatory coordination between GSAs, DWR, and SWRCB
    • Water Purveyors, Special Interests, Agriculture, Residents
    • Disadvantaged Communities and Environmental Interests


    • Grant Writing and Administration

    • Funding Strategies and Acquisition for Basin and Watershed-wide Projects and Management Activities

    • Integrated Considerations of Surface Water and Groundwater Management

    • Holistic Assessment of Operations to Factor Short- and Long-term Planning Horizons

    The evaluation of ISW depletion and GDEs following SGMA protocols requires a systems-level approach that balances multiple disciplines to create meaningful science-based strategies, align visions with various interested parties, and achieve cost-effective regulatory outcomes.

    Rincon’s multi- and inter-disciplinary team emphasizes the collaboration between biologists, botanists, fisheries scientists, hydrogeologists, and watershed scientists to assess interconnected surface water and GDE performance while factoring the multitude of watershed drivers that influence these aquatic and riparian habitat areas.

    Specialized permits and training is required for the implementation of aquatic and riparian habitat monitoring programs, especially in watersheds with federally- and state-listed species under the Endangered Species Act. Rincon ensures your assessment program team has the right scientists and regulatory experts, no matter the issue.

    Rincon’s groundwater experience includes site-specific and basin-wide investigations, assessment, and monitoring services, ranging in geographic and geologic conditions, to deliver scientifically sound approaches to help groundwater and water resources managers, as well as other community groups protect environmental and public health.