City of Rancho Mirage General Plan Update

Client: City of Rancho Mirage
Location: Rancho Mirage, CA
May 6, 2016 – December 31, 2017


Technical Update

  • Land Use
  • Circulation
  • Conservation + Open Space
  • Air Quality
  • Noise
  • Safety
  • Public Services + Facilities
  • Community Design
  • Economic + Fiscal
  • Arts + Culture

Interactive Online GIS Mapping Tool

Developed to provide key data from the General Plan and direct links to:

  • Municipal Codes
  • Specific Plans
  • School District Information
  • Hazard Zones

Update to Meet Current Legal Requirements

  • SB 743 (Aesthetics, Parking, and Traffic)
  • AB 1358 (Complete Streets)

The Rancho Mirage General Plan Update reflects the City’s vision for its development through the year 2035. The project was largely a “technical” update of the General Plan to ensure compliance with recently adopted state laws and current conditions; and an “aesthetic” update to modernize the look, organization, and user-friendliness of the document.

Rincon’s role in the GPU was overall project management, including assisting the City with policy drafting, public outreach, graphic design, environmental analysis, and development of an online mapping tool. Rincon also produced the EIR Addendum to accompany the General Plan.  The objectives of the GPU were to meet the current legal requirements, incorporate new planning concepts, improve the General Plan look and usability, and update the traffic model and Mobility Element.  Rincon created a customized policy document that distinctively represents Rancho Mirage but also created innovative tools the City staff can maintain and utilize to better serve their community.  Rancho Mirage is now equipped to accomplish their vision of a growing and balanced economic base that serves the needs of Rancho Mirage residents, businesses, and visitors, while maintaining the City’s high standards of development and environmental protection through the year 2035.

An interactive online GIS mapping tool was also created to accompany the General Plan. This mapping tool is a one-stop resource that allows the City and public to overlay and customize key data from the General Plan. It provides direct links to other important resources such as the municipal code, specific plans, school district information, and hazard zones. This updated plan and accompanying GIS mapping tool will help Rancho Mirage reach its full potential by providing a guide and tools as it looks to develop new commercial centers at strategic locations, provide new housing opportunities, continue the beautification of its roadways, and provide community design guidance for public and private realms.

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