Solano Transportation Authority Greenhouse Gas Study for $11M Electrification Grant

Client: Solano Transportation Authority
Location: Solano County, CA
December 4, 2017 – January 31, 2018

Earned $11M in Grant Funding for Systemwide Electrification


Part of $1.5B Cap & Trade Programs to Reduce GHGS

Potential to Reduce by 249,620 Metric Tons of CO2e.

Rincon partnered with the Solano Transportation Authority (STA) to prepare a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission study to quantify the anticipated net-GHG-emission reductions from the Solano Regional Transit Improvement and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) grant application. Transportation throughout the county is overseen by STA.  As the local Congestion Management Agency (CMA), STA partners with various transportation agencies, such as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 4.

The GHG study included quantification of the four main project components:

  1. SolanoExpress capital/site improvements and electrification of long-haul buses
  2. Electrification of local FAST and SolTrans buses
  3. FF/VV intermodal train station building and access improvements
  4. Suisun/Fairfield and intermodal station access and amenities improvements.

The GHG benefits were estimated using the required Greenhouse Gas Quantification Methodology for the California State Transportation Agency Transit TIRCP: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Fiscal Year 2018-19 (TIRCP Methodology). In total, the proposed project was awarded approximately $11M in grant funding due to its potential to result in a reduction of 249,675 MT of CO2e. This equates to $105 in TIRCP funds requested per MT of CO2e.

The regional benefits of the project are also far-reaching, and would include: travel time savings, improved transportation system reliability, vehicle operating cost savings, improved mobility, and increased availability of travel options.

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