Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Rincon Consultants, Inc. believes that fostering a workplace where diversity of perspectives and opinions are encouraged and will lead to a more informed, creatively aligned, and socially aware team. It has been proven that a more diverse work environment enhances innovation, productivity, and success.

Our Commitment

With the social and economic issues that arose in 2020, Rincon, as a firm, took action to hear from our employees on what they were feeling and what changes they wanted to see. This led to companywide discussions that allowed employees to share their ideas and take part in very real and transparent conversations. From these conversations, we developed goals and planned a path forward for each, which include the following:

  • Environmental Education
  • Improved Recruiting Processes
  • Training and Development

Through these goals, Rincon acknowledges and commits to the fact that this is not something we are going to be able to check off our list after achieving a few milestones. This is something that is intertwined and is going to take time and diligent effort to achieve real, long-term change. To drive our internal initiatives forward, we formed staff-driven working groups to devise a path to implement the proposed actions.

As we grow as individuals and as a firm, Rincon sees diversity, equity, and inclusion as one of the strongest levers to create long-lasting and meaningful opportunities for change. We aim to continuously push one another’s thinking and challenge problematic long-held beliefs and assumptions. We believe that our team will be the strongest and best positioned to realize our vision as we facilitate the following:

  • Representation – with differences in race, religion, ethnicity, sexual identity, culture, age, gender expression, ability, economic status, education, credentials, and experience;
  • A Voice – where all people are welcomed, heard, respected, understood, valued, connected, and able to do their best work; and
  • Fairness – where people from all backgrounds are treated equitably and view our firm as a level playing field and platform from which to maximize their strengths and abilities.

As we seek to recruit and retain those who will learn with us, challenge us, and create with us, we realize this journey has a non-linear path that requires dedication, commitment, and perseverance. Holding each other accountable throughout our daily interactions to ensure alignment with our values and ideals will help us realize the full potential each person brings to our team and continue moving this important work forward.

How the projects we work on make a difference

However aware we are of this history, it is undeniable that we are all tied to the timeline of June 19, 1865, and the movements that followed. What is different now is how these moments in our history have become a part of our daily discourse, including the work we do as environmental consultants. The push for sustainable communities and cities is not simply a call for a greener world, but for a more equitable one that mitigates and hopefully reverses environmental injustices that have disproportionately affected people of color. As a group of engineers, scientists, and planners, we can commemorate this day by allowing the history of June 19th to drive our efforts for a more sustainable and equitable future.

In addition to the extraordinary impact the history of slavery has had on African Americans, the United States’ more recent history of discriminatory practices also places the African American community at a significant disadvantage. Discrimination has also led to injustices for other communities of color and indigenous communities. Rincon approaches our work with an acute awareness of these challenges and historic injustices, which is why we are involved in many projects which showcase our growing ability and understanding of how best to serve disadvantaged communities, elevate their voices during the project process, and adjust project outcomes to avoid disproportionate impacts to Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

Social Awareness

Berkeley Electrification Strategy Project

June 18, 2021

The Berkeley Electrification Strategy is a great example of how Rincon successfully engaged with marginalized communities in a manner that meaningfully influenced the outcome of the project. The strategy identifies a pathway to decarbonizing 100% of the City’s existing low-story residential buildings through beneficial electrification.